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Signs of the Times

Gill’s third commission came in today for these new little personalised signs.

Hand painted, wax finished and hung with lace and ribbons; these signs come in two sizes and you can have as many as you like per hanger! Customised for any occasion for you.

General signs always available in the shop and online to post anywhere you like from 3 euros (France)

Small sign each €5.00

Small sign customised €8.00

Larger sign each €7.00

Larger sign customised €10.00

So, for example, a small customised double sign will cost €16.00

Having finished a four sign wedding celebration commission and a two sign tribute to someone’s work colleague leaving for another job, Gill had a great commission today for this ” Privé ” sign with a faded French vintage style colourway. Ready for you now Steph!

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